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Safe-T-Pet is committed to providing your pets with a wholesome and nourishing food for optimum health.  We are now representing Life's Abundance pet foods. 


Life's Abundance all natural pet foods provide the absolute best in quality for less money, less time and less hassle, while delivering 100% natural, always fresh foods for your pets. Life's Abundance pet foods have never been recalled and are made in the USA with the highest quality, USDA-certified ingredients for an ultra healthy diet.

Life's Abundance All-Natural Pet Foods:

  Fast Ordering and Delivery

  Shipped FRESH to Your Door

  Made in the USA

  Nutrient-Dense formula results in less money and less waste

  FREE of preservatives, animal by-products and unhealthy fillers

  NEVER Recalled


Life's Abundance natural dog and cat foods include absolutely none of the animal byproducts, unhealthy fillers, artificial additives or chemical preservatives of the typical cat and dog food brands — low-end, high-end, wellness "health blend" and everything in between.